The MC Type

think Atmosphere meets south park

The MC Type is an American rapper, singer and comedian currently living in New Zealand.

Best known for his wild song concepts paired with hilarious music videos, Type does satire on an entirely different level.

With catchy hooks and killer punchlines, listeners are always left this guy serious?!

a triumphant return to the mic

Type was in his musical prime between 2007-2014 when living in Seattle, WA. He went on several national rap tours, opening for Prof, Grieves, Mac Lethal, Louis Logic and more on the road. His rap group The Let Go was signed to Camobear Records and Goon Trax, charting as high as 19 on CMJ and getting a song placement on MTV's The City. After over a decade of walking away from music to start a career in TV commercial writing, Type is back with a brand new full length album featuring Sage Francis, Blueprint, Grieves, Louis Logic, P.O.S and more. “Lucky Silverback” is much more than a comeback. It's a massive middle finger to cancel culture and a declaration of war against people who try to censor what we can joke about now.

THE brand new Album

Lucky Silverback

The MC Type

15 tracks of hardcore satire, packed full of laughs and banging 90s boom bap beats by Canadian producer Pen Pointz. Topics include erectile dysfunction, the Mississippi riverboat brawl, birds aren't real theory, how to navigate a mid-life crisis like a boss, a diss track about one of his dead homies, and, of course, poop. Releases 4/20

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The MC Type [has] been killing it on the satire front, between his spot-on spoofs of emo rap and egregious backpackery.” - LARRY MIZELL JR

The Stranger

The MC Type believes that rapper-packed, hometown-repping collaborations are destroying hip-hop. He made his own to prove it.” - MARK BAUMGARTEN



Type doing a "shoey" on stage.

Type performing three songs about shit.

Type wearing a 69 jersey lol.